Changes to the Victorian Planning System

As you may be aware, two significant changes have recently been made to the Victorian Planning System, firstly the introduction of reformed land use zones and secondly, the introduction of Vicsmart, a new and streamlined application process for “simple” Planning Permit Applications. The following provides a brief overview of the key aspects of these two initiatives:

Reformed Land Use Zones

In very broad terms, the following summarised the key implications of the reformed Land Use Zones.

Reformed Residential Zones:

Introduce further restrictions within areas with special character and heritage value, and
Provide for housing growth within other areas not so defined.

Reformed Commercial Zones

Broaden the range of activities that land can be used for without the need for a planning permit and removes floor area restrictions, and
Provide more opportunities for office, commercial businesses, restricted retail premises, trade suppliers and some limited retail activity.

Reformed Industrial Zones:

Remove the default floor space area restrictions for an office in the Industrial 1 Zone, Industrial 2 Zone and Industrial 3 Zone, with the ability to specify locally set floor area caps:
Allow a small scale supermarket of up to 1800 square metres with associated shops totalling 55 square metres, and allow convenience shops in the Industrial 3 Zonein Melbourne to create commercial opportunities and competition, and
Allow office floor space caps to be specified locally.

Reformed Rural Zones: